Agricultural Science and Technology


Agriculture Pre-Employment Lab/Co-op

All Level Art

All Level Health

All Level Music

All Level Physical Education

All-Level Art

All-Level Health and Physical Education

All-Level Learning Resources Specialist

All-Level Librarian

All-Level Music

All-Level Physical Education

All-Level Speech and Drama

All-Level Speech Communication/Theatre Arts

All-Level Speech Communications and Theatre Arts

All-Level Theatre Arts

American Sign Language


Assistant Principal

Associate School Psychologist

Bilingual Education Supplemental - Spanish

Bilingual Education Supplemental-Spanish

Bilingual Generalist - Spanish

Bilingual Generalist-French

Bilingual Generalist-Korean

Bilingual Generalist-Mandarin Chinese

Bilingual Generalist-Spanish

Bilingual Generalist-Vietnamese

Bilingual Pre-K/Kindergarten

Bilingual Pre-K/Kindergarten-Spanish


Bilingual/ESL - American Sign Language



Bilingual/ESL-Mandarin Chinese



Blind School

Business Education


Classroom Teacher

Computer Science

Conversion Record


Correctional Mid-Management Administrator

Correctional Supervisor


Counselor Special Education

Counselor, Career & Technology Education


Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Deaf School

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Deaf/Hearing Impaired

Deaf/Severely Hard of Hearing

Deficient Vision

Driver Education

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education-Handicapped

Early Childhood for the Handicapped

Educational Aide I

Educational Aide II

Educational Aide III

Educational ary III

Educational Diagnostician

Educational Secretary I

Educational Secretary II

Educational Secretary III

Educational Secrl Aide I

Elementary American Sign Language

Elementary Anthropology

Elementary Art

Elementary Bilingual

Elementary Bilingual-German

Elementary Bilingual-Spanish

Elementary Bilingual-Vietnamese

Elementary Bilingual/ESL

Elementary Bilingual/ESL-Spanish

Elementary Biology

Elementary Chemistry

Elementary Dance

Elementary Deaf/Severely Hard of Hearing

Elementary Drama

Elementary Early Childhood Education

Elementary Earth Science

Elementary Economics

Elementary English

Elementary English as a Second Language

Elementary French

Elementary Geography

Elementary Geology

Elementary German

Elementary Government

Elementary Guidance Associate

Elementary Health

Elementary Health and Physical Education

Elementary Health Education

Elementary History

Elementary Home Economics

Elementary Industrial Arts

Elementary Industrial Technology

Elementary Life-Earth Science

Elementary Mathematics

Elementary Music

Elementary Other

Elementary Physical Education

Elementary Physical Science

Elementary Physics

Elementary Psychology

Elementary Reading

Elementary Russian

Elementary Self-Coary Art

Elementary Self-Composite

Elementary Self-Contained

Elementary Self-retary II

Elementary Social Studies Composite

Elementary Sociology

Elementary Spanish

Elementary Speech

Elementary Speech Communications

Elementary Technology Applications

Elementary Theatre Arts

Elementary, All Regular Classes

Elemondary Art

Emotionally Disturbed

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language Generalist

English as a Second Language Supplemental

English Language Arts and Reading

English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies

Family and Consumer Sciences


Generic Special Education

Generic Special Education/All Grades

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Supplemental

Guidance Associate


Health Science Technology

Health Science Technology Education

Health Science Technology Education (Vocational Experience)

Hearing Impaired


Home Economics

Home Economics, Occupational


Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Human Development and Family Studies

Information Processing Technologies I


Junior High English

Junior High Mathematics

Junior High Physical Science


Kindergarten/Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten/Early Childhood ESL

Language and/or Learning Disabilities

Language and/or Learning Disabled

Languages Other Than English - Arabic

Languages Other Than English - Chinese

Languages Other Than English - French

Languages Other Than English - German

Languages Other Than English - Hindi

Languages Other Than English - Italian

Languages Other Than English - Japanese

Languages Other Than English - Latin

Languages Other Than English - Mandarin Chinese

Languages Other Than English - Russian

Languages Other Than English - Spanish

Languages Other Than English - Turkish

Languages Other Than English - Vietnamese

Learning Resources

Learning Resources (Librarian)

Learning Resources Endorsement

Learning Resources Specialist

Life Science

Life Sciences

Marketing Education

Marketing Education (Vocational Experience)

Master Math Teacher (4-8)

Master Math Teacher (8-12)

Master Math Teacher (EC-4)

Master Reading Teacher

Master Science Teacher(4-8)

Master Science Teacher(8-12)

Master Technology Teacher



Mentally Retarded

Mid-Management Administrator

Middle School English

Middle School English Language Arts

Middle School Government

Middle School Life-Earth Science

Middle School Mathematics

Middle School Science Composite

Middle School Secretarial Business

Middle School Social Studies Composite

Middle School Spanish


Occupational Orientation

Office Education

Office/Business Education

Physical Education

Physical Education for the Handicapped

Physical Science

Physical Science/Mathematics/Engineering

Physical Sciences

Physically Handicapped



Reading Specialist

Reading Technology

School Counselor

School Librarian

School Nurse

School Psychologist

School Psychologist Associate

School Speech-Language Pathology



Secondary Agriculture

Secondary American Sign Language

Secondary Anthropology

Secondary Art

Secondary Basic Business

Secondary Bilingual

Secondary Bilingual/ESL

Secondary Biology

Secondary Business Administration

Secondary Business Composite

Secondary Chemistry

Secondary Chinese

Secondary Communicative Arts

Secondary Composite Science

Secondary Computer Information Systems

Secondary Computer Science

Secondary Czech

Secondary Dance

Secondary Deaf/Severely Hard of Hearing

Secondary Deficient Vision

Secondary Drama

Secondary Earth Science

Secondary Economics

Secondary English

Secondary English as a Second Language

Secondary English Language Arts

Secondary English Language Arts Comp

Secondary English Language Arts Composite

Secondary French

Secondary Generic Special Education

Secondary Geography

Secondary German

Secondary Government

Secondary Guidance Associate

Secondary Health and Physical Education

Secondary Health Education

Secondary Health/Physical Education

Secondary Hebrew

Secondary History

Secondary Home Economics

Secondary incipal

Secondary Industrial Arts

Secondary Industrial Technology

Secondary Italian

Secondary Japanese

Secondary Journalism

Secondary Latin

Secondary Life Science

Secondary Life-Earth Science

Secondary Mathematical Science Composite

Secondary Mathematics

Secondary Music

Secondary Other

Secondary Physical Education

Secondary Physical Science

Secondary Physics

Secondary Portuguese

Secondary Psychology

Secondary R.O.T.C.

Secondary Reading

Secondary Russian

Secondary Science Composite

Secondary Secretarial Business

Secondary Social Studies

Secondary Social Studies Composite

Secondary Sociology

Secondary Spanish

Secondary Speech

Secondary Speech and Drama

Secondary Speech Communications

Secondary Technology Applications

Secondary Theatre Arts

Seriously Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic

Seriously Emotionally Disturbed/Autistic

Severely and Profoundly Handicapped

Social Studies

Special Education

Special Education Counselor

Special Education Supervisor

Special Education Supplemental

Special Education Visiting Teacher

Special Education/Elementary

Special Education/Secondary


Speech and Hearing Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy



Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments

Teacher Of Young Children

Technology Applications

Technology Education


Trade and Industrial Education

Trade and Industrial Education (Vocational Experience)

Trades & Industry Pre-Employment Lab

Trades and Industry Co-op

Visiting Teacher

Visually Handicapped

Visually Impaired

Vocational Agriculture

Vocational Agriculture Cooperative Training

Vocational Agriculture CVAE

Vocational Agriculture Farm & Ranch Maint/VEH

Vocational Agriculture Feedlot Employment

Vocational Agriculture Handicapped

Vocational Agriculture Horticulture Related CVAE

Vocational Agriculture Horticulture Related VEH

Vocational Agriculture Meat Processing

Vocational Agriculture Ornamental Horticulture

Vocational Agriculture Power and Machinery

Vocational Agriculture Production

Vocational Agriculture-Ornamental Horticulture

Vocational Counselor

Vocational CVAE

Vocational CVAE Agriculture

Vocational CVAE Industrial

Vocational CVAE Office Education

Vocational Data Processing

Vocational Distributive Education

Vocational Farm & Ranch Mechanical Repair CVAE

Vocational General Agriculture Mechanics

Vocational Handicapped

Vocational Health Occupations

Vocational Health Occupations Co-op

Vocational Health Occupations Pre-Empl

Vocational Health Science Technology

Vocational Home Economics

Vocational Home Economics CVAE

Vocational Home Economics Education

Vocational Home Economics Pre-Empl Lab

Vocational Home Economics Pre-Employment Lab

Vocational Home Economics VEH

Vocational Industrial CVAE

Vocational Industrial Electronics

Vocational Industrial Handicapped

Vocational Marketing Education

Vocational Occupational Orientation

Vocational Office Education

Vocational Office Education Co-op/Pre-Empl

Vocational Office Education CVAE

Vocational Office Education CVAE/VEH

Vocational Office Education Pre-Empl

Vocational Office Education VEH

Vocational Ornamental Horticulture

Vocational Supervisor

Vocational Trades & Industry Co-op

Vocational Trades & Industry Co-op CVAE/VEH

Vocational Trades & Industry Co-op/CVAE

Vocational Trades & Industry Pre-Empl CVAE/VEH

Vocational Trades & Industry Pre-Empl/CVAE

Vocational Trades & Industry Pre-Empl/VEH

Vocational Trades & Industry Pre-Employment

Vocational Trades & Industry Pre-Employment Lab

Vocational Trades and Industries

Vocational Trades And Industry

Vocational Useful Home Economics

Vocational VEH Industrial